Donmar Warehouse, Cheek by Jowl

‘I have never known Malcolm to matter so much in the play.’
The Telegraph

‘A stuttering psychotic virgin with steel-rimmed spectacles whose ferocious nuttiness enlivens the dread England scene no end.’
Financial Times

‘At first encounter he seems a slightly delinquent royal offspring with a stammer — As the play develops, the face beneath the shaved convict head grows in darting intelligence and expressive, tortured conflict. It is the most inward, not to say scene stealing performance of the evening. By the time of his encounter with Macduff in Act Four he has half convinced himself, as well as Macduff, that he is the cruel, lustful, avaricious villain he pretends to be when supposedly testing Macduff’s honour. And there is more than a touch of cynicism and childlike triumph when he does accede to the throne.’
The Spectator