The Seagull
West Yorkshire Playhouse

‘One of the great Chekov productions of my life’
The Sunday Times

‘Sir Ian plays the small but significant role of Dr. Dorn and he fills it with charm, distinction and real modesty … But the secrets of the show’s success lie elsewhere … Above all in Timothy Walker’s quietly compelling Trigorin.
It is a telling measure of McKellen’s success in blending into the ensemble without unbalancing it that the production is able to place the story of this younger homme fatale, and the powerful sexual energy he arouses in the women around him, so firmly and effectively at the heart of the drama.’
The Scotsman

‘Star performances in such roles usually dislocate the play by drawing too much attention to the actor, but McKellen’s artistic intelligence ensures that Jude Kelly’s production remained a company performance. Clare Higgins was a magnificently, ghastly, preening Arkadina, and Timothy Walker’s Trigorin matched her subtly with his overweening self- absorption. Three young actors – Claudie Blakey (Nina), Will Keen (Constantin) and Clare Swinburne (Masha) – gave performances of unforgettable intensity. It is the great glory of British theatre that a regional house can do work of such commanding excellence.’
The Sunday Times

‘Timothy Walker’s Trigorin is a glorious creation.’
The Stage