A Family Affair
Donmar Warehouse, Cheek by Jowl

‘I doubt that there is any greater feast of comedy available in London today. Timothy Walker as the solicitor who inspires the undoing of the merchant typifies the acting approach: black of teeth, greasy of hair, stubbled and alcoholic, he walks in a crouching stoop, his face a nervous leer of ingratiation. He is guile personified, a Uriah Heep of the Urals, with a tiny glass secreted in his pocket which he flashes out with all a lizard’s speed to secure another vodka. This production … is sheer joy.’
The Guardian

‘Timothy Walker follows his startling, neurasthenic Malcolm in this company’s Macbeth with an explosively foul and sweating alcoholic lawyer, lank hair smeared down his face like seaweed, hand shaking for the morning’s first drop, horsey legs prancing shakily round the dressage ring en route to the knackers yard.‘
Financial Times